Owning a company can be immensely rewarding and lucrative, but it’s tough.  It’s tough to have a business, but even tougher to be profitable, much less successful. Facts point out that only a fraction of businesses owners become rich. Whether you are just starting your business or have been operating for a while, you have

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All companies are in the business of managing their finances and, therefore, proper bookkeeping is critical to the management of any business.  Incomplete or poor bookkeeping practices lead to mismanaged services, payment problems, and lost profits. The investment one makes towards proper bookkeeping pays for itself many times over through the healthy life of the

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They could rely on the numbers to make intelligent estimates of the magnitude, timing, and uncertainty of future cash flows and to judge whether the resulting estimate of value was fairly represented in the current stock price. And they could make wise decisions about whether to invest in or acquire a company, thus promoting the

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OHANNESBURG – JSE-listed Nampak will receive $57million (R800.54m) from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe in settlement of a legacy debt it is owed by its Zimbabwe unit and which has been transferred to the central bank after Harare re-introduced the Zimbabwean dollar and disallowed usage of foreign currencies for local transactions. The Zimbabwean central bank

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Leaders often allocate a large proportion of their time to strategic planning and spend little time worrying about organisational politics. Many a leader perceive politics as the “dark side” of Organisational life, constructed by the selfishness and dishonesty of others. They do not want to play politics, and become handicapped by their unwillingness to understand

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